7 weird facts about what women do in the morning

Mornings: for some a frenzied rush of oats, soap and lipstick, for others a time to reflect, sip hot beverages and get ready to slay the day.

Whatever your routine is, here are 7 facts I recently found out about what women in the UK do in the morning…

1. Only 1/3 of women would not leave home without applying antiperspirant deodorant

2. 1 in 10 are affected by excessive sweating every day

3. 1/4 of women only use up to 3 products in their daily routine

4. Almost half of women spend less than 15 minutes getting ready every day

5. Deodorant and lipstick are the two products women are most likely to carry around with them at all times

6. Over half of 18-24 year olds do their make-up on the go due to running out of time

7. Nearly 80% of people prefer their beauty products to be multi-tasking

So there we have it, aside from some of the gross realisations I’ve just come to about my fellow women (i.e. facts 1 and 2 *shudders*), some of those facts are pretty interesting.

I learned them from experts at the launch of three new Soft & Gentle deodorants in London.

Really Pure


This deodorant is for people who like long walks, Birkenstock and wheatgrass shots. It’s free from allergens, alcohol and aluminium chlorohydrate (chemical nasties) and is enriched with oat oil.

Visibly Smooth 


If you spend your spare time drinking cocktails in stilettos while planning your next trip to Marbella, this is probably for you. Secret ingredient Kelisoft apparently reduces the speed of hair growth and the thickness of the hair, and it wont leave white marks on your clothes.

Ultra Protect 


If you’re a gym bunny, future Olympian or yoga-meister then Ultra Protect is a good choice. It offers up to 72 hours of protection, prevents irritation and is anti-staining.

These Soft & Gentle deodorants are in Boots, Superdrug, Tesco and Asda now at ÂŁ2.09/75ml right now, have you tried them yet?


3 thoughts on “7 weird facts about what women do in the morning

    • Phoebe Parke says:

      I always do my makeup on the go! I value those extra minutes in bed in the morning 🙂 Thanks so much for reading, I love your post on natural beauty not being that natural and look forward to more skincare tips! Phoebe x

      Liked by 1 person

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