9 Instagram Accounts for Girl Bosses 

Instagram is no longer just for uploading pictures of champagne brunches and stalking hot models.

There are some companies using it to raise the profile of their businesses and inspire the next generation of #girlbosses.

Here are my top 9:

1. crazyhaute

What: super chic slogan bags that make bold statements and are sold through their online store.



What: motivational quotes that tide you over from Monday to Sunday to promote a growing network of millennial business women on the Internet.


3. girlboss

What: the official Instagram feed of the New York Times Best Selling book #GIRLBOSS posting motivational quotes and updates.

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4. billionladies

What: daily lifestyle inspiration from outfits to food and cars.


5. thesocialsociety

What: minimalist clean photography and inspirational quotes to promote a community of women entrepreneurs who work online.


6. xonecole

What: personal stories from interviews on the xonecole website.

“A lot of times young girls are impatient and they want it to happen so quickly. They try it and if it’s not happening fast enough they move on to something else. But that something else that they move on to isn’t necessarily their passion. They couldn’t be patient anymore and obviously we all need money and you want something stable, but I always say ride it out because when you’re doing something that you actually love, you’re going to enjoy going to work every day.” – @kahlanabarfield It took 6 promotions, working two jobs, and living on an air mattress but @instylemagazine's editor-at-large Kahlana is proof that patience and determination pays off in the end. Read more about how she went from intern to #girlboss and what her mom taught her about style on xonecole.com (click the 🔗 in our bio 👆🏽).

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7. beabloggerboss

What: practical tips for improving your online business to promote blogging courses.


8. careergirldaily

What: lifestyle shots and motivational quotes to promote career focused blog.


9. fashionbombdaily

What: celebrity fashion and outfit inspiration to promote the fashion website.


For more inspiration check out this curated Pinterest board of inspirational quotes:


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