Blog consulting

The more I learn more about marketing myself and my blog online, the more passionate I become about teaching others about what works and what doesn’t.

If you’re interested in booking a blog consultation session and finding out my rates, just email me at: with a link to your blog, and tell me three things you want to achieve with it in 2016.

The session involves me taking a look at your current site and sending you detailed, tailored advice and links to resources that will help you achieve those goals.

Here are some examples of blogs with incredible content that I have helped look better online.


Client: Hannah Ajala 

Hannah Ajala is an amazing story-teller who uses her blog to tell share details of her personal growth, adventures around the world and the incredible people she meets on the way.

From explaining her obsession with Eastenders to revealing the secret behind her latest hairstyle I love reading her content, and working with her to transform her blog’s online presence was an absolute joy.


Hannah Ajala before cropped



Hannah Ajala after cropped


Client: Ladies Who Fellowship in the City 

Ladies who fellowship in the city is an incredible group of women who work or live in London and join together every fortnight to discuss the word of God and curiosities they have.

They use their blog to document what is discussed at each meeting and as a space for individual members to share their testimonies and what they’ve learned during bible study. It was a pleasure to work with this group of women, moving over all their content from the old blog to the new, and giving their social media accounts a makeover too.


Ladies Who Fellowship before



Ladies Who Fellowship after


Client: Ablaze4Christ 

Ablaze4Christ is a a community youth group that aims to bring young people close to Christ and the word of God. They hold meetings and events twice a month and use the website to share the topics and thoughts discussed.

By moving the blog posts on the original site over to a wordpress site, and making the suggestion that they buy a domain name to make the site easier to find, the blog is now easier to find, read and engage with.


A4C before



Ablaze4C after


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